Dalev Behavioral Service
Addiction to medications, drugs, tobacco, food, or alcohol can adversely impact your well-being, damage interpersonal connections, and diminish your overall life satisfaction. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and the misuse of illicit substances can result in severe health issues, elevating the chances of stroke, heart problems, cancer, and bronchitis. Reducing or completely stopping the consumption of addictive substances can be a challenging endeavor. The providers at PHC are here to assist you in achieving your objectives, whether that entails reducing your intake or quitting altogether.

Our Team May Suggest

Regular monitoring

Cognitive therapy

Identifying triggers

Medication to suppress cravings and effects of substance(s)

Mood stabilization

Improve social support

Stress-relieving interventions

Behavioral modification


High-risk situations

Assertiveness training

Motivation enhancement

Relapse prevention

Chronic Disease Management

Allow the skilled professionals at PHC to assist you in overcoming the detrimental habits and dependencies hindering you from living the life you desire. Reach out to us to arrange an appointment. Our team has successfully guided numerous clients on their journey to wellness.
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